Narutatsu Ri

My name is Edward, and I'm a senior at Columbia University. I'm very fortunate to be advised by Prof. Daniel Hsu, Prof. Kathleen McKeown, and Prof. Nakul Verma (ordered by last name).

I'm interested in NLP (more specifically, foundation models and text embeddings), and I'm grateful to be supported by the Egleston Scholars Program and the Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation.

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Selected Publications
The Effect of Model Capacity on the Emergence of In-Context Learning
Berkan Ottlik*, Narutatsu Ri*, Daniel Hsu, Clayton Sanford
ICLR 2024 (ME-FoMo Workshop)
Do Models Explain Themselves? Counterfactual Simulatability of Natural Language Explanations
Yanda Chen, Ruiqi Zhong, Narutatsu Ri, Chen Zhao, He He, Jacob Steinhardt, Zhou Yu, Kathleen McKeown
arXiv 2023
Contrastive Loss is All You Need to Recover Analogies as Parallel Lines
Narutatsu Ri, Fei-Tzin Lee, Nakul Verma
ACL 2023 (RepL4NLP Workshop)
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Enhancing Few-shot Text-to-SQL Capabilities of Large Language Models: A Study on Prompt Design Strategies
Linyong Nan, Yilun Zhao, Weijin Zou, Narutatsu Ri, Jaesung Tae, Ellen Zhang, Arman Cohan, Dragomir Radev
EMNLP 2023 Findings
TA Experience

  • COMS 4771: Machine Learning
    • Summer 2022
    • Fall 2022 (Head TA)
    • Spring 2023 (Head TA)
    • Spring 2024 (Head TA)


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